Open the door to your imagination…

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Morning, day or night; your car can be a place of escape and imagination.  From getting the kids out of bed, fed and ready for school to the stress of an important doctor appointment, your car becomes a comfortable, safe and peaceful place to escape into your thoughts.

The moment your car door opens, coffee in hand and anticipation of liberation in mind, you enter a space of comfort and freedom. You may turn on your music and escape into thoughts of your children, an upcoming doctor appointment or simply the thought and taste of your bitter, warm coffee. Your car is a place that allows you to withdraw from the hectic pace of life and freely contemplate your experiences, complications, joys and excitements.

Realistically, there is the occasional “bump in the road” but all in all, your car can feel like a safe cocoon where your imagination is protected from chaos while getting from one place to another and having no choice of stop signs, red lights and traffic.  The time you spend in your car transcends these limitations by removing control and allowing for freedom of expression, both literally and mentally.  Some listen to classical music or sing along to Taylor Swift while others pump up the rap and roll down the windows; these are all expressions of release, liberation and freedom.

An artist may have music playing and a similar freedom to express and they also have a desire to create.  An electrician may listen to music while connecting wires and a dealership may have music playing while selling cars. That’s how we make a living. What differentiates these moments from the experience in your car is the desire to create and earn compared to the freedom to sit and consume the thoughts of these creations and desires.

We here at Billion Auto want to help our customers find a desirable car that creates thoughts of freedom and inspires creative expression.  By overcoming the feeling of being in total control while also sitting in the driver’s seat of your vehicle choice, your dreams may take you in the right direction. Through insight and choice, we hope you’re led to us where we will help you open the door to your imagination.